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Our grand touring routes aim to help rural and local businesses benefit from a targeted increase in tourism footfall, by recommending businesses that feature in the official GT Passport App and on

We are accutely aware that popular tourism hotspots can be affected by issues that haven’t always been planned for. For example, we all hate to see litter drifting across our beautiful landscapes, or long lines of cars parked dangerously on road verges, making access difficult for others.

That is why we need your help.

As someone who lives in, works in, or regularly travels through areas served by our routes, you are in a unique position to let us know what help your community needs to mitigate the less favourable impacts of a boost in tourism. As GT Passport grows we want to help our communities enjoy the benefits of road-trip tourism, by giving back to the community in some way. Perhaps your village needs a larger car parking area to better accommodate tourists so they can take their time visiting the sights, shops and cafés on offer. Maybe there is a lack of electric vehicle charging points, or poor toilet facilities. Are there enough bins in and around the area?

With your help and support, we can co-operate with local councils and community groups to help direct attention to the areas most affected by an increase in tourism along our routes. Indeed, the more GT Passport grows, the more we can contribute to the communities we serve.

Please do let us know below if there is anything you feel your local community needs, and how an increase in tourism is impacting the area so that we can best understand how to plan mitigation measures and make sure tourism remains a positive force in your community.

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