Tutorial: Using Google Maps to view GT Passport Routes

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This Tutorial shows you how to view our routes on Google Maps. Similar processes can be followed for other mapping software. GPX Files can also be uploaded to GPS Devices (Sat Nav units).

Viewing the Route on the Google Maps on a Desktop or Laptop

  1. Go to GTPassport.com on a desktop or laptop computer, and scroll down to see the routes.
  2. Choose the route you’d like to do first.
  3. Open the route for more information, and click on “Download the Route” link or “GPX File” Button.
  4. This downloads the GPX File to a folder on your computer.
  5. Locate the downloaded file.
  6. If the downloaded file name ends “.ZIP” you will need to “un-zip” it, typically by double clicking on it.
  7. This should create a second file that ends “.GPX” – you’ll use this one later.
  8. Now open a new web browser and go to GoogleMaps. This tutorial refers to the UK Version of the site.
  9. Sign in using your Google Account, so you will be able to save and store custom maps.
  10. Open the drop-down menu, typically on the top left of the screen
  11. Click on “Your Places”
  12. Click on the “Maps” tab
  13. At the foot of the window you should see “Create Map”. Click on this link.
  14. A New window opens
  15. In the new window, click on “Import” on the left hand box.
  16. Now locate the GPX file we downloaded earlier and upload it to Google Maps
  17. When the map loads, you can click on the black line and delete it by tapping on the trash can icon.
  18. You can also delete the start and end markers, if you wish, in the same way.
  19. The Blue line displayed is the route.
  20. Rename the map appropriately and when changes have been automatically saved, close the window.
  21. When in “Your Places” refresh the page and your new map should be displayed and is saved in your Google Maps account to view any time.

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Viewing the Route on the Google Maps Smartphone App

  1. Make sure you have carried out the steps above on a desktop or laptop computer first.
  2. Open the GoogleMaps App on your Smartphone.
  3. Click on the “Saved” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You should see a menu line that reads:
    “Lists | Labelled | Reservations | Following”
  5. Slide this menu to the left and the “Maps” option should appear.
  6. Click on “Maps” and you should see your saved route listed.
  7. Click on the route name and You’ll be able to see the route overlay on GoogleMaps

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