The Forth Bridges

Forth Bridges Viewing Platform
Ferrymuir Gait
South Queensferry
EH30 9SF

A breathtaking view of the world famous Forth bridges

Connecting Fife with Edinburgh across the River Forth are three remarkable bridges spanning three centuries.  Crossing the Forth used to require a ferry and the original ferry dates to Queen Margaret in the 12th Century and this Queen’s ferry is responsible for naming North and South Queensferry.

The Forth Bridge is a marvel of Victorian engineering and opened to rail transport in 1890.  It is one of Scotland’s most famous landmarks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and still carries around 200 trains a day through its steel cantilevers.  It is one of the stops on the new UNESCO Trail.  Take a train on the routes between Fife and Edinburgh, the Forth Bridge runs between two charming Victorian stations at North Queensferry and Dalmeny (by South Queensferry) to experience a rail journey across the Forth Bridge. 

The Forth Road Bridge is a suspension bridge which was opened on September 4th 1964 by Queen Elizabeth II.  At this time, it was the first bridge of its kind in the UK, the longest outside the USA, and the fourth longest in the world. After over 50 years as the main road crossing, today the Forth Road Bridge leads a quieter life carrying public transport, but you can walk or cycle the 1.5 miles across on one of two dedicated walkways to enjoy great views.  Check out the viewing platform at the south end of this Bridge.

The 21st Century Queensferry Crossing was also opened by Queen Elizabeth II on September 4th, but this time in 2017. The 1.7 miles structure is the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world and by far the largest to feature cables which cross mid-span. It is the part of the main motorway network, so you’ll need to be in a suitable motor vehicle have a close-up of this elegant architectural addition.

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