Business Club Membership Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. GT Passport is a part of Skinidin House Media.
  2. The term “GT Passport” is a registered trademark.
  3. The GT Passport Business Club serves as a marketing platform for businesses with premises along any of the GT Passport touring routes
  4. GT Passport “Holders” are the users who carry out a road-trip through a region using the GT Passport platform as their guide.
  5. There are two categories of Business Club Membership: Basic Membership (Free) and Pit-Stop Membership (Annual Fees apply).
  6. Where fees apply, payment is made to Skinidin House Media.
  7. Skinidin House Media reserves the right to deny, block or cancel membership of the Business Club to any business which offers products, services or activities which are illegal, dangerously unsafe, inhumane, sexual or otherwise detrimental to the health and well-being of GT Passport holders, or damaging to the reputation of GT Passport and/ or Skinidin House Media.

Basic Membership (Free)

  1. Basic Membership is free to businesses.
  2. Basic Membership is best suited to businesses involved in the tourist trade.
  3. Basic Membership includes a free listing on the GT Passport website (web-listing).
  4. The web-listing includes venue contact and location details, information about the business, and images
  5. Basic Members will receive occasional e-mail updates and information about the routes and services offered by GT Passport.
  6. Basic Membership entitles members to attend Business Club networking events organised by GT Passport.
  7. To Sign up for Basic Membership of the Business Club a business owner or responsible employee, must complete the Business Club Sign-up form to register with GT Passport.
  8. Following initial Sign-up, a welcome e-mail, including a link to the Listing Submission form, will be sent to the member’s registered e-mail address.
  9. The Listing Submission form will ask for all the text details that will be included in the web-listing.
  10. Members must complete a web-listing submission form in order to be included on the website.
  11. Images will be requested separately.
  12. Web-listings include up to two hi-resolution images – a primary image and a secondary image.
  13. GT Passport can arrange for a photographer or route co-ordinator to visit the site and capture the required images if a club member is unable to provide any suitable images of their own.
  14. Completed web listings will appear on the appropriate route pages of the GT Passport website.
  15. Basic Membership is limited to website-only listings.
  16. Basic Membership will continue until a member unsubscribes from e-mails without completing a listing submission form, or requests an end to Business Club Membership via email to, or if the Business Club Member has breached terms and conditions.
  17. Business Club members will represent the face of GT Passport to touring visitors so must act professionally and respectfully towards GT Passport Holders.
  18. GT Passport cannot accept responsibility for any damage, liability or loss to the Business Club Member as a result of the actions or behaviour of touring GT Passport Holders. GT Passport Holders must be held responsible for their own actions and behaviour.
  19. Basic Membership does NOT include entitlement to issue “Stamps”, either in GT Passport guidebooks or the official smartphone app.
  20. Business Club members will be able to upgrade to ‘Pit-Stop’ Membership which includes a listing in official guidebooks and smartphone app when available.

Pit-Stop Membership (Fees Apply)

  1. Business Club Members will be eligible to upgrade to Pitstop Membership to have their listing included in the official GT Passport route guidebooks and smartphone App.
  2. Pit-Stop Members will be entitled to issue “Stamps” to touring GT Passport holders either in the form of a physical stamp in the guidebook, or a virtual stamp applied in-app.
  3. Only Pit-Stop Members will be represented as official Pit-Stops in guidebooks and the smartphone app.
  4. Pit-Stop Membership includes three price categories:
    • Large Business (100 Employees or more), £500
    • Medium Business (30-99 Employees), £250
    • Small Business (29 Employees or less), £150
    • Registered Charity (Any size), £50
  5. Online Payments are handled via Pay Pal, and credit card payments are accepted.
  6. Invoices may be sent out to Pit-Stop Members for BACS payment if preferred and must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. Listings will not appear in the app, or in guide books until payment is received.
  7. Cooling-Off Period: Once Payment is made there is a 14 day cooling-off period before publication during which the Pit-Stop member may withdraw their membership and receive their payment back in full. After the cooling-off period the Listing will be released for guidebook publication but amendments can still be made up until 7 days before publication.
  8. There will be a minimum of 21 days between payment and the publication of the next issue of the GT Passport guidebook in which the listing appears.
  9. Eleven months after Pit Stop Membership is activated, or renewed, Pit Stop Members of the Business Club will be offered the opportunity to renew their listing, or will be reminded that auto renewal is in place.
  10. When Pit-Stop Membership is not renewed Pit-Stop Members will be downgraded to Basic Membership, with a website only listing. Basic Membership Terms and Conditions (above) will then apply.

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