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Advertiser Terms & Conditions


  1. GT Passport/ Passport:
    A physical Guide Book detailing one particular predetermined route, and containing recommendations for places to stay and visit, or things to do along the way. 
  2. GT Passport App: (not yet available)
    The Mobile App that accompanies or serves as an alternative to the physical GT Passport guidebook.
  3. Passport Holder:
    The traveller, visitor or end user who uses the GT Passport as a guide to their journey, aiming to collect passport stamps along the way. 
  4. Stamps:
    The 25x25mm circular stickers, personalised with an advertiser’s logo, to be applied to the back cover of GT Passport Guidebooks when presented by a passport holder.
  5. Ad:
    A full A5 page in the GT Passport dedicated to an advertiser’s venue, or service. 
  6. Advertiser:
    Any individual or organisation which buys an ad inside the GT Passport.
  7. Route:
    A pre-determined route through an area, which forms the basis for each GT Passport edition.
  8. The Publisher:
    The department of Skinidin House Media that produces GT Passport. 

Advertiser Terms & Conditions

  1. An organisation which is included in a GT Passport is known as an Advertiser.
  2. To be included in a GT Passport, Advertisers must submit:
    – Promotional text about a venue or location along the route, (200 Words Approx.)
    – Two High Resolution images (Primary and Secondary Images)
    – A 25x25mm Logo
    – Contact Details as appropriate
    – Other details required to complete the Ad
  3. Advert Details may be submitted via the online application form or by email to info@gtpassport.com
  4. All Ads are displayed in a consistent format, forming the main body of content in the GT Passport guide books. A sample layout can be found on the Advertiser Application Form page on GTpassport.com
  5. Each Ad page is listed in the order a visitor would come across the venue when travelling the route in a direction recommended by the Publisher.
  6. Advertisers must submit approximately 200 words of text promoting their venue or activity.
  7. The Publisher may make minor editorial adjustments in order to fit the text into the allocated space on the page.
  8. On Submission, the Advertiser Application Form will be assessed by the Publisher, and if the basic criteria are met a Route Co-Ordinator will send a copy of the completed ad to the Advertisers to confirm readiness to publish.
  9. When the Advertiser agrees to proceed with the completed ad, the Route Co-ordinator will provide a link to the payments page of the GT Passport site, or, if the advertiser prefers, submit an invoice to the Advertiser for Payment.
  10. The Ad will appear in the next edition submitted for publication after payment is received.
  11. There will be a minimum of 20 Ads included in each GT Passport.
  12. GT Passports will be available from the GT Passport Website, and official distributors.
  13. Ad Prices will be based on the size and type of the advertising organisation using the number of employees as a guide.
  14. Ad Prices will be reviewed annually and are subject to change at the Publisher’s discretion.
  15. Where organisations take advantage of a ‘Two Years of the Price of One’ offer, Payment must be made before the first year’s ad is published. The ad will automatically be renewed at no additional cost for the second year, regardless of any change in rates.
  16. When payment is made, the Advertiser will receive in the post, two pages of 25x25mm adhesive stamps printed with their logo, or that of the venue being promoted.
  17. When a Passport Holder visits the Advertiser’s venue, and presents their GT Passport, the member of the team must apply one stamp to one passport. If more than one GT Passport is presented, for example where a group are travelling together, one stamp should be applied to each Passport.
  18. Stamp sheets should be kept out of view/ easy reach of visitors, but should be within easy reach of staff members, at reception desks, gift shop tills, or ticket booths.
  19. Additional Stamp pages can be ordered via the GT Passport Website.
  20. If the Advertiser, or a potential Advertiser, has any questions about processes or procedures, or any other matter relating to GT Passport, they should contact their Route Co-ordinator who will endeavour to answer any queries, and resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  21. Registered Charities who wish to advertise venues, or activities on one of our routes will be offered our lowest ad rates.
  22. Public Bodies and other organisations with special importance to the route, may be offered reduced rates at the Publisher’s discretion.
  23. Online Payments are handled via Pay Pal, and credit card payments are accepted.
  24. Invoices may be sent out to Advertisers for BACS payment if preferred and must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. Adverts will not appear in any edition until payment is received.
  25. Cooling-Off Period: Once Payment is made there is a 14 day cooling-off period before publication during during which the advertiser may withdraw the ad and receive their payment back in full. After the cooling-off period the advert will be released for publication but amendments can still be made up until 7 days before publication.
  26. There will be a minimum of 21 days between payment and the publication of the next issue of GT Passport in which the ad appears.
  27. Ten Months after the publication of an issue, all active advertisers will be offered the opportunity to renew their listing.
  28. Renewals will be automatic only for those advertisers who have accepted a Two Years for the Price of One Start-up offer.
  29. The Start-up Offer: Any advertiser that commits to Two Years listing in 2020 will be charged for one year only. The Advert will run for two editions.
  30. Advertisers will be included in at least one GT Passport social media post.
  31. Advertisers may apply to become Official Distributors and sell GT Passports to visitors.
  32. When presented with an already full stamp page, Advertisers may place stamps on the inside notes page or on top of the logo on their ad listing page.
  33. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for any damage, liability or loss to the Advertiser as a result of the actions or behaviour of touring Passport Holders. GT Passport Holders must be held responsible for their own actions and behaviour.

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