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Business Club Membership Terms & Conditions

Business Club Membership Terms & Conditions


To submit images please send original High Resolution images (Primary, Secondary and Logo images) to using WeTransfer or similar file sharing service for handling large file sizes.

The Primary Image should be at least 148mm wide x by 50mm high.
The Secondary Image should be at least 60mm wide x 38mm high.
Your Logo will be applied to a 25mm x 25mm circular sticker.

Ideally, images should have a resolution of 300dpi. Typically, any image file less than 1mb will be too low quality to use in the printed guidebook. You must be the creator or copyright holder of these images and, by sending these images, grant permission to Skinidin House Media to use them in relation to GT Passport.

Let’s talk about Data

The data collected is used only for the purposes of completing the listing on the relevant GT Passport pages, and for communicating with the relevant contact at your organisation in relation to the listing. Non-published data will never be intentionally passed, nor sold to a third party and will be recorded only in a secure database. It will be stored as long as a listing is active, but the data will be removed if the listing is withdrawn. In the event of a data breach the relevant authorities will be informed at the earliest opportunity and we will advise you exactly what data relevant to you has been compromised.

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